Privacy Policy

The protection of information concerning the Users of our Web Site is of the most importance to us, therefore we make the utmost care so that you feel safe entrusting us with your personal data when using our websites. This privacy policy explains the principles and scope of processing of your personal data, your rights and our obligations as a data controller.

We use the most modern technical means and organizational solutions that ensure a high level of protection of personal data being processed and protect them against an unauthorized access.


The data administrator is:

The J.WoodArt company with its registered office in Mariefred, with the exact address of Hadlandet Ängsborg 4 Igh 1202, 64792 Mariefred .


The purpose of processing

Your data is processed only for contact purposes, signing contracts for the services provided and for providing the best quality of services.

Your data is provided to us voluntarily by using the contact form on the Contact page, and you give us consent by ticking the option when filling out a form that informs you in advance about the consent to the processing of personal data by our company.



Type of data

J.WoodArt processes the following personal data, the administration of which is necessary for:

1. contact the company via the contact form

– first name and last name

– e-mail address

2. data provided by the User optionally

– telephone

– address

– PESEL (if you request invoice)

– NIP (in case of invoice request submitted by the contractor)


Legal basis for processing

Personal data is processed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.

Your personal data is processed with your consent, expressed at the time of filling the contact form to contact with our company.

Consent to the processing of your personal data is completely voluntary, however, the lack of consent prevents sending a message via the contact form provided on our website for contact purposes.

In connection with our processing of your personal data you are entitled to the following rights:


1. You can withdraw your consent at any time – without giving a reason. The request may refer to the processing goal you have designated but it may also apply to all processing purposes.

2. At any time you can request us to delete your data – without giving a reason.

3. At any time, you may object to the processing of your data both entirety and in the goal you have designated.

4. You can request us to limit the processing of your personal data for a specified period of time or within a specified scope – we will act in accordance with your decision.

5. At any time, you can request us to correct or rectify your personal data. You can do this via the contact form, by telephone or by mail. All our contact details are provided on our website in the Contact tab.

6. At any time, you can request information from us about the scope of processing your personal data.

We are obliged to inform you no later than within a month after receiving each of your requests about actions taken by us.


Any reports or requests regarding personal data can be notified to us via the following means of choice:


By phone:  +46 73 833 03 37

Through the contact form available on the website.

By mail to: Hadlandet Ängsborg 4 Igh 1202,
64792 Mariefred .



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